Monday, August 17, 2009

Reading Labels

In order to become more conscious of the things I put on my skin (which quickly get absorbed into my bloodstream!) I have started reading labels very carefully.

A general rule of thumb is to find a label with words you recognize and know rather than products listing a lot of mysterious chemicals. But, this is not always so easy to do. I love the guide that Body & Soul provides. Be sure to read the second page which features some great ingredients. Get familiar with the scientific ingredients so that you can recognize the beneficial products without being scared off by their name.

A more comprehensive cheatsheet is provided by Gorgeously Green. This cheatsheet includes all of the "bad stuff" listed on the Body & Soul article. I think the most useful thing to do is print out the cheatsheet and on the same sheet, jot down the good ingredients that Body & Soul lists. Carry this list with you when shopping for beauty products.



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